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A replacement for current cleaning procedures to completely remove the threat of biofilm and contaminants.

What is NanoClean?

NanoClean is a liquid solution infused with microfibrils and formulated to fully eradicate contaminants when it is perfused across a surface. This even includes contaminants such as build-up biofilm, which is typically unperturbed by standard cleaning products and processes. NanoClean is currently developed for use in medical equipment, and different formulas can be applied for narrower or wider channels. However, NanoClean's possible uses are limitless.

Key Advantages


Contacts and scrubs the entire surface during flow

Standardizes cleaning in a variety of applications

Does not leave any residue on the cleaned surface

Made from a safe material classified as GRAS


NanoClean achieves high quality cleaning through its 3D gel-like network of micro-fibrillated cellulose. These microfibrils are submerged in a liquid vehicle to create a solution specially designed to capture and flush out biofilm and other dangerous contaminants. Due to the small size of these nano-fibrillated entities, NanoClean can be flowed through narrow channels without clogging the system, enabling a wide range of cleaning applications.

Before NanoClean
After NanoClean

The Future of NanoClean


When hands rub together during hand washing, MSF has the capability to remove bacteria and viruses with more success than currently developed hand soaps and sanitizers.

NanoClean is one development of a micro-structured fluid (MSF), and its potential continues to expand into a variety of hygiene areas.

Plaque is a form of biofilm and develops as a result of bacteria build-up. MSF can adhere to plaque and completely remove it from the surface of teeth.

Acne thrives in bacteria-rich environments, and biofilm is a major cause of acne. By rubbing MSF across the surface of acne-prone skin, MSF has the potential to reduce the onset of acne.

By providing a high assurance level of bacteria removal, MSF will be a crucial tool for skin preparation in surgical applications.

what is nanoclean
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