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History of NovaFlux

NovaFlux was first founded in 1996 by COO Dr. Mohamed Labib. The company's platform began to grow with the development of its IP-protected Two-Phase Flow technology, which generates a mixture of gas and liquid at extremely high speeds to create turbulent flow capable of sterilizing narrow channels.The realization of this technology sparked the development of multiple innovative devices thereafter, all with the steady goal to improve patient treatment outcomes and provide superior results at significantly less costs.


Since its founding, NovaFlux has developed multiple successful devices to improve what healthcare looks like today. This includes the production of Two-Phase Flow technology, which led to significant advances in the hemodialysis field and the development of the ClearFlux. Additionally, NovaFlux has experienced major breakthroughs in applications of infection control and drug delivery. This includes the development of a Hollow Fiber Drug Delivery System, resulting in significant advancements in diverse surgical applications, and the NovaFlux Tympanostomy Tube, proven to provide superior treatments to patients experiencing otitis media. More recently, NovaFlux developed NanoClean, fine-tuned to remove biofilm in a wide range of possible implementations.

Thanks to these new discoveries and NovaFlux's constant dedication to push boundaries, NovaFlux has experienced the following, additional successes:

  • NovaFlux is highly regarded in medical technology innovations and has received funding in excess of $30 million from the National Institutes of Health, making it a major NIH funding recipient in New Jersey.

  • NovaFlux has been successful in licensing its technologies to major multi-billion dollar companies.

  • NovaFlux technology is currently protected by approximately 40 patents.

NovaFlux Capabilities

NovaFlux follows a direct approach to evolve curiosity into successful inventions. Based on foundational concepts in science and engineering with a focus on complex fluids, NovaFlux takes a simple idea to the next level, constantly striving for the best.

An Intellectual Powerhouse of Invention.

Meet the Team

Chief Executive & Chief Scientific Officer

Mohamed E. Labib

Mohamed Labib holds a PhD in physical chemistry from McGill University and is highly experienced in the development of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, and drug delivery. Dr. Labib founded NovaFlux, Inc. in 1988, and since then, he has managed multiple research and development programs at various institutions, including SRI International, NJIT, NovaFlux Inc., NovaFlux Biosciences, and Advanced BioDevices. Dr. Labib has also experienced significant achievements in the engineering field as a co-inventor of the micro-structured fluids (MSF) technology and its applications in the health-care field. In total, he has received more than 40 million dollars in research funding, published more than 40 papers, and holds over 50 patents.

President & Chief Operating Officer

David A. Amrhein

David Amrhein is a highly ethical and innovative Fortune 100 and Private Equity senior business leader with a heritage of delivering results impacting revenue, margins, income, and cash flow. He is profoundly adept at developing and promulgating company vision and strategy, accompanied with developing productive company culture. Mr. Amrhein believes recruitment of talent, engagement, and development of such talent are key elements of a teams' success and is highly skilled in progressing each of these areas. Additionally, Mr. Amrhein was a strategic part of the executive "startup team" for Alliance Medical, Inc., contributing to its evolution into Ascent Healthcare Solutions, Inc. and its continued successes thereafter. 

Senior Scientist

Stanislav S. Dukhin

Stanislav Dukhin has devoted his career to developing the field of transport phenomena and modeling complex systems within this field. He is most known for the "Dukhin Number" which is highly recognized in the field of colloid science. Dr. Dukhin has developed multiple transport models to predict drug release from hollow fiber devices and is the author of transport models for drug release in medical implants and other applications. Additionally, he has developed the preliminary models for the micro-structured fluids (MSF) technology and will be responsible for developing analytical modeling to describe the removal of organisms, especially with respect to hydrodynamic and electrostatic interactions.

Chief Medical Officer

Sandeep Kathju

Sandeep Kathju received a PhD in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and is currently a practicing surgeon with strong expertise in the medical field. Dr. Kathju assists in carrying out important studies to develop NovaFlux's innovative ideas from basic in vitro examinations to ex vivo modeling and finally to clinical studies. Dr. Kathju has held multiple academic positions at notable institutions, including assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Drexel University and associate professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at University of Pittsburgh. He also has extensive experience in the surgical field, serving as a resident surgeon for over 15 years and a director of the Allegheny-Singer Research Institute's Wound Healing Program for 10 years.

Director of Research and Development

Richard C. Lai

Richard Lai is responsible for analyzing the mechanical and shear forces involved in the removal of organisms from surfaces using micro-structured fluids (MSF). Dr. Lai is the co-inventor of the two-phase cleaning technology and has extensive experience in designing, developing, constructing, and validating various medical devices, including dental unit waterlines, dialyzer reprocessing systems (including NovaFlux's ClearFlux system), endoscope cleaning and disinfection systems, dialysis center waterlines cleaning systems, and dental hand-piece cleaning devices. Dr. Lai has profound expertise in mechanical analysis of complex geometry, especially with respect to analyzing forces and stresses in real-life applications.

Consultant Chemical Engineer

James L. Manganaro

James Manganaro has over 40 years of experience in research and development, primarily in industry, including 30 years with FMC Corp. and consulting for numerous corporations. Through these opportunities, Dr. Manganaro developed substantial expertise in product research, development from conceptualization, economic evaluation, laboratory and pilot development, plant design, startup operation, and debottlenecking. Additionally, Dr. Manganaro has developed technologies for high flow rate protein separation by functionalized porous sheets, the production of ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide, and safe destruction of toxic waste from a phosphorous furnace, among other projects. Dr. Manganaro is the inventor/co-inventor of 18 U.S. patents and the author/co-author of 18 peer-reviewed papers.

Senior Scientist

Antonio Perazzo

Antonio Perazzo has broad and extensive background in fluid mechanics, rheology, and soft matter research, having studied each of these areas for more than 9 years and having authored more than 26 publications. His research focuses on flow-microstructure-function interactions in engineering, encompassing diverse topics, and stems from an inherent goal to identify and manipulate the underlying physics and chemistry at the core of transport processes in soft materials. Dr. Perazzo provides overall management of the research involved in developing NovaFlux products and uses his background in rheometry and tribometry to characterize the various micro-structured fluid (MSF) formulations and tailor them for the removal of microorganisms. He also oversees the assessment of rheo-optical experiments and analytical modeling.

Program Director

Yacoob Tabani

Yacoob Tabani has over 20 years of experience in the development and analysis of complex systems and processes. Dr. Tabani received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is highly skilled in experimental design, data analysis, and documentation as required for FDA quality systems and the preparation of reports. Additionally, he has managed the development of the ClearFlux device, cleared by the FDA, and is responsible for its commercial success. As a co-inventor of the ClearFlux system, he holds multiple patents in accordance with its development. Currently, Dr. Tabani is focusing on designing and making different micro-structured fluids (MSF) formulations and optimizing these formulations to obtain effective removal of microorganisms from hands and skin. 

Senior Microbiologist

Seo Yean Sohn

Seo Yean Sohn has a strong background in microbiology, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, and developing experimental techniques. Dr. Sohn is highly skilled in the development of methods to isolate, identify, and characterize specific bacterial genes. Dr. Sohn's research focused on microbial degradation of contaminants in sediments and the study of biofilms. Receiving her PhD in Environmental Sciences and Microbiology from Rutgers University, Dr. Sohn is professionally trained as an environmental microbiologist and analytical chemist. At NovaFlux, Dr. Sohn is responsible for performing and directing the microbiological requirements associated with the development of new products, with special attention to preparing spores and their quantitation by culture methods.

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Here at NovaFlux, our mission is to create disruptive technologies and develop medical devices to solve some of the most complex problems in the healthcare industry right now. Our devices add new dimensions to infection control and dialysis therapies.

Meet the Team
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