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News- Novaflux Publishes Theory of Effective Release from Implants

Novaflux publishes the first of its kind theory and model that predict drug release from a medical implant into surrounding tissues. This peer-reviewed theory has been used by Novaflux to develop devices that prevent infection of central venous and other implanted catheters. The analytical model developed in the published paper is expected to have wide applications that would advance the field of various medical implants.

(Featured Paper in Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects)

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At NovaFlux, we improve medical treatments and achieve better patient outcomes through the use of innovative medical devices and therapies.

Our primary focus is to improve the quality of life and treatment outcomes of the millions of people who currently undergo dialysis or are at risk for becoming chronic renal disease patients. Our patented technologies address unmet needs in hemodialysis and reduce the overall cost of treatment while delivering better patient outcomes.

Additionally, NovaFlux is working to prevent cross-infection in patients undergoing endoscopic procedures. More than 25% of hepatitis C infections are believed to be caused by endoscopic procedures, and our endoscope reprocessing technology is the first automated system to completely clean and sterilize the exterior shield and the internal channels of endoscopes.

Located in Princeton, New Jersey

Our headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey, where we have a highly-skilled and multidisciplinary team to develop new products. Our location is key to attracting top talent in each discipline and to facilitate our collaborations with world-renowned scientists.



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Beneath the science lies a solid business model geared towards maximizing free cash flow and maintaining operational and strategic focus. Read more »